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Gaëlle Sévenier - Free Lance Reporter - UN Consultant

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Thank you for entering my site. My name is Gaëlle Sévenier, Journalist - UN Consultant.

Currently working for the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva as the Press Officer/Spokesperson, I have worked since 2004 for the United Nations. I came back a year ago from Malawi, Africa, and before that from Nepal were I was working for UNICEF as a Communication and Knowledge Management (KM) Specialist. In the UNICEF office in Geneva and Kathmandu, I wrote many KM reports, including a major one on KM in the UN, created this resource package on child protection in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE/CIS) and this one on the UN Consultation on Violence Against Children in Europe and Central Asia. I also coordinated video documentaries and UNICEF campaigns, conceptualised the CEE/CIS Intranet, created the first UNICEF Regional Office web site ( and wrote many articles and publications on children's issues.

Before working for UNICEF, I worked as a journalist in South America. I specialised my writing on Indigenous rights, living with different tribes and ethnic groups through out the continent. You can read on this web site most of my publications.

I covered stories about indigenous massacres in the paramilitary zone of Colombia, death squads persecuting teenage gang members in Honduras, Mayas Sin Tierra waiting for one year on the side of the road for the Government to respect the peace accords in Guatemala…

For the AFP, La Nacion or the Denver post (among others), I have investigated on issues such as a Radio station evicted from the UN University for Peace after broadcasting anti-globalization statements, on a cocaine factory, Sandinista farmers, indigenous theater gatherings...

Sometimes, I receive really nice messages from people around the world who have read some of my work. I would like to thank you for your support and interest; please do not hesitate to contact me.